The Journey Begins


Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, and for taking a moment to see what in the world it is I feel the need to talk about. I hope that when you visit, you’re able to relate, maybe to be entertained, enlightened, or even surprised or annoyed. Please even take a moment to comment ……I welcome your comments and hope that you feel inclined to do so.

I’m starting this blog because I simply find myself so much more opinionated than I’m supposed to be. I really just walk around, going thru life and minding my own business. But then I see things that I want so badly to comment on, but I simply can’t. Because I’m not supposed to.…right? Well, my Mom told me, you don’t have to say everything that comes to your mind. She was right of course. But what if I just want to? Hmm. No one wants to hear everything I’m thinking, that’s for sure. But it kills me to always have to hold everything in! Well, if I’m honest, maybe I don’t hold things in nearly as well as I originally thought… I’ve been told a time or two that I don’t really have a very good filter. My family even tells me that I don’t really even have to say much of anything because I wear what I’m thinking on my face. And I thought I was doing so well!! *Sigh. The struggle is real.

So anyway, that’s what brings me here. I’ve decided that maybe it’s ok to say what’s on my mind, as long as I have the right forum. After all, even the Bible says there’s a time and place for everything. Well, I’m paraphrasing but you know what I mean. And actually it didn’t mention anything about a time to speak one’s mind…..I know, I just checked! (Ecclesiastes 3)

But again I digress. Long story shortened, I’m starting my blog just because I want to say what I’m thinking sometimes. Just things about life, and things I observe. Things I’ve learned, or wished I learned. Things I see that I wish I didn’t, or don’t see but wish I did. Etcetera. Not sure exactly what that means, or what I’ll be talking about or even if I’ll have anything to talk about at all.

But again I want to thank you in advance for joining me.

– theresa m, My Side View

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