This makes me very curious. I take I-285 home from work most days, and I often see the GSP (Georgia State Patrol) sitting on the shoulder or in the median, likely there to discourage speeding. That makes sense and seems pretty normal, right?

However, I leave work in the heart of rush hour, in metro Atlanta. And if you live, work, visit, or even know anyone in the area, you know about our rush hour traffic. For many miles in front of me and for even more miles behind me, in both directions, we are moving at an average speed of 3 to 15 mph, bumper to bumper. On a good day, we might steady along at 22 mph, and if it rains we’re moving even slower (or not at all).

So no one is speeding. It is physically impossible.

So why are they there? I’m certain there is a purpose, I’m just seriously puzzled every time I see this. I’m usually actually moving slow enough to turn and look, and wonder, even take a photo if I’d like as I crawl past. Is he even in the vehicle? Is it break time, perhaps a good time to catch up on the day’s paperwork? Or, maybe she’s there to proactively block that person who will undoubtedly decide that the shoulder is the preferred lane of ttravel! Just wondering is all.

Furthermore, and a bit off topic, why ARE we moving at the average speed of 9 mph?? There are 9 lanes, and no accidents. Again, I’m certain there’s a reason, but that’s another topic for another day.

Thank you, GSP. I’m not minimizing your purpose or impact. We know you serve a great purpose and help keep our roads safe. I’m just curious.

– theresa

( I do not own the right to the GSP photo)


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