Start-em young!

We talk a lot about the electronics generation, and how our kids (and we) spend all spare time looking at a screen. I often hear, our kids arguably do not spend enough time enjoying the outdoors, families and friends don’t talk as much, and some even spend dinner and/or a date with their cell phones on the tables or very close by, just in case! In case what lol. I personally am quite guilty of inadvertently carrying my phone into meetings at work. Really, theresa?? Totally unnecessary and unacceptable. But I’m not the only one!

Waiting at Boston-Logan International Airport, I notice everyone is on their phone or electronic device…. the youngest I see is under two, then an 8-year-old, then up from there. I think perhaps this is the new way we entertain our kids when we think they might be bored. (guilty again)

It’s really quite comical if you think about it, and watch!

What in the world is everyone looking at?? Work emails? Texts? YouTube videos? Just something to do? It’s much more noticeable if you’re looking for it…wow!

Anyway, my point is, maybe we shouldn’t complain, as it seems we encourage this trend very early in our children’s lives. I think perhaps we are the ones who have given them the impression that this is indeed the best way to pass the time…hmm.

That’s all though, no opinion, just an observation. Whether or not this is a good thing for all of us is yet to be seen.

P.s. I too am on my phone as I type this! What about you? 😉


(This was the little lady sitting across from me at the airport, on her tablet!).

2 thoughts on “Start-em young!

  1. I had similar observations during my travel time this past week! And I think we do start this trend young to occupy children, not realizing a habit is being created, one that will be so-so hard to break later on. I do think the advancements in technology can put our children at an advantage in their learning, but in this, as in all things, balance is key.

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