An outstanding customer experience!

Today I called a well-known windshield replacement company who  replaced my glass yesterday ….seemingly with the incorrect glass. I was actually hoping for factory glass replacement, which I couldn’t have. It also took several calls to get the correct glass order completed.

But that’s not the issue here.

Safelite (oops!) cheerfully and neatly installed a glass that seems to be missing an important feature. So I called back to ask about it and was transferred to the Warranty department. Warranty? Why??  This was just done yesterday….but ok, sure. So in the process of my conversation with Mr. Warranty Rep, I asked him a question that I guess he felt he had already given an answer for.  His response:  “Well, reverting back to my original statement, we won’t know until we look at it”.

Excuse me? What? Wth kind of statement was that? What does that even mean?? Idk what anyone else would have done, but being me, I let him know I didn’t quite know what he meant by “reverting back” or why he felt the need to add that. But I chose to keep it moving and schedule my appointment.  (It took me months to finally getting around to scheduling the 1st appointment, so not feeling extra happy about starting again.)

Hmm, if they keep this up, I may get that factory glass after all!

Sigh. I guess it’s clear I wasn’t excited or impressed with the service I received. What has happened to the world of Customer Service? It seems this concept has become a thing of the past. My philosophy and thought process is that if you accept a customer-facing job, you should be providing a good customer experience…no matter your income level or how you feel about the low – or high – salary you accepted.  Just me though.

It is said that you reap what you sow….but I’m thinking I’m not quite reaping at the moment, because if nothing else, I always aim to provide a positive customer experience.

“These young folks”. 🙂

Sigh.  I’m going to be calling back to discuss this “reverting back” comment.  Not quite ready to let this one go.

What say ye??



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