“Hug-in-a-Mug” Who Knew?

It’s Sunday morning and I decided to have a weekend cup of coffee (I don’t usually), I and noticed something I hadn’t noticed before.

I like using flavored cream and this time I chose White Chocolate Macadamia from International Delight. (I’d much prefer an actual Macadamia White Chocolate cookie, but this will do for now lol). Anyway, on the side of the bottle I spotted a notice of guarantee entitled “hug in a mug”. How cool is that?!! I love drinking my coffee on my commute each day, along with my music or audio book because it feels warm and hmm…yes, comforting. But who knew it came with a guarantee?! Who even reads the entire bottle to see any of this stuff??

I love it.

And it seems they really mean it too, because it’s accompanied by a phone number and instructions on how to collect should you not feel good about your cup-o-joe. Wow, I’m now a bigger fan than I was before.

Funny, I’m not surprised there’s a limit to the number of times per year you can take advantage of this feature….. we all know folk don’t know when to stop …. everybody’s looking for “free” these days. But anyway I digress.

Just thought I’d share.

Very cool, International Delight!

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