Gone Green!

I learned today that Disney, the store, has “gone green”.

So what does this mean for us, the consumer? It means that these stores no longer provide a plastic bag for purchases. There is a bag that is available, but it will cost you 99¢. And this is the only option…..no Paper or Plastic here! So when and if you visit the store and leave with a purchase, just know there is no bag.

Oh, this is the same if you buy a lot or a little. But what if I don’t want to buy a bag?? (I asked of course) Then I’m to be prepared to walk out of the store with an arm full of goods? The answer is “Yes, we’ve gone green”.

Move on, Theresa. The Disney Store no longer offers plastic bags…nor any other bag for that matter, only the non-free, recyclable, reusable 99¢ bag. My only option is to either buy a bag, or walk out of the store – and then through the mall – with my stuff.

Yep, Looking as though I stole something!

Hmm. I don’t know, Disney, the great customer service leader…the one by which all other customer-facing companies are measured. Really? There’s got to be a better way to “go green”. Is the old fashioned paper bag not a viable option?

Needless to say, I offered my thanks, then me and my granddaughter left with our receipt and her magical “Belle Princess wand” in full view…..no bag.

Oh dear, is this what we can expect from more retailers? This could get interesting at Christmas time.

I guess we shall see.

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