I’m just wondering

I have a very random question…..why do folks sit in a meeting and repeatedly remove and replace the top to their water/soda/juice bottle? I know, it sounds quite petty, and I’m certain it is. But it’s a real question. I don’t often have a drink that requires the top to come on and off, but when I do, I’m sure I’m equally as guilty as everyone else.

But seriously, have you ever thought of it? Am I the only person that’s ever noticed this? If your mind wanders and you check out of the meeting for just a moment and look around, it can be a bit distracting. Picture this: Everything you need is in front of you…..your note pad and pen, perhaps a laptop, your cell phone (which is NOT necessary actually), a snack, and yes, your drink. So as one reaches for his/her drink, they unscrew the top, take a large or small sip or two, then re-screw the top and place it back on the table. They listen and engage in the meeting, decide to have another drink perhaps 3 – 5 minutes later, unscrew the top, take a sip or two, then re-screw the top and place back on the table. Only to decide again in 2-3 minutes that they’d like another sip… reach for drink, unscrew top, take a sip, re-screw top, replace on the table. Etcetera.

I’m just saying.

Is this really necessary? Is there a reason we choose not to simply open the bottle, take a drink, then replace the open bottle on the table for the duration of the gathering? Perhaps there is a fear of the bottle falling and landing on your notepad or computer? Are we thinking that we’re done and having a sip was just a one-time thing? Each time? (Not to mention the sometimes annoying sound of the repeated on-again, off-again action of the screw-top!) I don’t have a solution, but I’ve wondered this for some time. Maybe this is an unfair comparison, but would we consider doing the same with our notepad and pen? Should we perhaps write a note, close the notebook until the next interesting tidbit of information is shared? Then reach for the notebook, reopen, write a note, then reclose, and Repeat? Or maybe with a bag of chips. Reach in for one or two, roll up the bag and set it aside….grab it again, unroll, grab another chip, re-roll. Ok, no then everyone would be completely and totally distracted and the meeting would likely be paused to wait while you snack. Yes, that one is definitely an unfair comparison.

But you get the picture. Ok, so it’s a thing and I simply have to not allow it to be a distraction. Maybe the real reason I even notice is it because I was daydreaming for a brief moment….in every meeting I attend. Lol. Juliyan says the real reason I notice is because I’m crazy. Or weird.

Who knows? Just my side view.

(Juliyan was kind enough to demonstrate)

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