Just “Google” It!

I don’t know about anyone else, but Google has become my bestest friend and I use it for everything. What I’m wondering is, how is it that every single thing I could possibly think of to ask it has already been thought of by someone else?? Who comes up with these answers? Is there a committee someplace where a group of people are sorting this stuff into categories and waiting for me to ask a question? I’m just a little curious is all. It’s great and I’m not complaining, but how is this possible? Literally any & everything that I ask pops right up with some sort of answers, suggestions, and how-to’s. So not only has someone thought of it before me, but they’ve already had an opportunity to add it to the internet.

Not a whole lot to say about it really, it’s just an interesting phenomenon.

Have you tried it? You should. If I’m on a computer I use it and when I’m on my phone it’s even easier, I just say Ok Google and there it goes. Like magic! Anything from how do I make homemade sushi bowls to putting lace overlay on a dress to what color pumps go best with what and why is my dog sneezing!! If I’m in the middle of making a new recipe and I don’t have something, I just ask and get instructions for recipe substitutions.

Maybe I should use it even more faithfully; I have an Orchid that’s shed its flowers and I need to figure out how to keep it alive…. and I’m trying to find a good substitute for cable.

But I digress, sorry.

Oh….. for you faithful Apple users, I understand Siri has some skills also. But I daresay Google would absolutely give her a run for her money (probably has her beat)! 💰 That is all.

Happy Saturday!

-theresa m

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