Car Wash!

Dear Automatic Car Wash Guy,

I am simply NOT going to pull in inches behind the car in front of me. I know you think there is absolutely no chance that my front bumper is going to make contact with the rear bumper of the car in front of me, because the automatic track you have us rolling on is perfectly synced so that each car rotates perfectly on its track. It’s all timed out very carefully and it’s designed to a perfect science.

Well I beg to differ.

I make a decent living working for a company who makes the majority of ITS living on the fact that nothing is perfect in the world of automobiles.

Things go wrong. All the time.

Incidentally, all I do all day every day for 39-60 hours each week, and have done so for the better part of the past 25+ years, is deal with situations where things go wrong. With automobiles. I haven’t seen it all, but I’ve seen a lot for sure.

So yes, I will sit here even though you’re beckoning me to move forward, until I think there’s enough distance between me and the previous car.

Furthermore, the brush you’re using to prep my hood and bumpers, does that get rinsed off periodically between cars? Because I’m sure there are little sand particles and/or other debris that have attached themselves, hanging on and just waiting to scratch up some unsuspecting car owner’s shiny paint job.

Yep, that happens too.

So again I’m so sorry Mr. Automatic Car Wash Guy; hopefully these extra few seconds I sit here isn’t holding up the line too badly. I’m just not as trusting as I should be of the fact that all is perfect and nothing will happen to my car.

I do truly appreciate your patience as I work thru my trust issues!


theresa m, My Side View

P.s. Hmmm now that I think of it, maybe the automatic car wash isn’t the best place for me! Maybe I should seek other options. 🤔

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