Taking a moment to remember.

I remember the day – as do most of us. I remember where I was that early Tuesday morning when I heard the news, and the majority of the remaining activities of my day as the day unfolded. I spent the day at work, with co-workers who likely would share similar sentiments. I remember how I felt then, and I feel the same now as I remember it.

My heart was oh so heavy then, and again now remembering, as I consider those who lost their lives, and those who lost a piece of their hearts with their loved ones that day.

I personally also remember trying to reach my family….my cousin who worked two doors down, being unsuccessful, and the relief I felt when finding out she was ok.

It’s been a long time, and sometimes it may appear as though we’ve forgotten, but rest assured we have not. We will not and cannot forget….it’s impossible; but like anything else, we put it aside temporarily because to remember is to bring back the pain and sadness the memory gives rise to.

But it’s today, and when listening to the news and talk radio, etc, we are admonished and reminded not to forget; and if necessary to force ourselves to remember so as not to become complacent with the history that was made that day.

I….we’ve…. not forgotten.

Here’s to the memory of that day.

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