Unwelcome Ads?

Hello Good People! I have been so busy I’ve not had time to post any recent thoughts. It’s a little unfortunate… and challenging, because my brain doesn’t pause, just my fingers!

But I’ll just have to take a few brief minutes to share a thought or two…new questions that have recently come to mind.

The one that comes to mind at the moment:

Why is it that Facebook saves whatever I’ve been reviewing in my spare “screen time”, not on FB but just online surfing in general, then throws it back at me when I’m least suspecting?

It’s happened to you too I’m sure. You’re looking for something (let’s just say a dress – on sale) to wear to an event, but don’t quite find what you need so you move on. Only to be perusing innocently thru FB days later, late at night before dozing off and there it is….an attractive dress, thanks to Macy Facebook, but of course not on sale this time, just available and grabbing your attention.

Or maybe you like cars (I do) and you wonder idly if Kia is running any deals; no immediate intention to buy, just looking. There are no specials really while you’re looking, but somehow days later FB Ads finds one for you, and even throws one in from Hyundai in case you want to weigh your options. But of course, you’re not looking to buy so you quickly avert your eyes.

Oh, and several weeks ago I briefly checked prices for a Disney cruise (one never knows). I’ll be doggone if I’m not still seeing ads for all the wonderful things there are to do while sailing the seas with Micky and Minnie Mouse.

Ok, that’s it. Not a lot of time to stay but I do wonder. I also wonder if I’m the only one that also clicks on the unsolicited but enticing ads, and occasionally even gives in to an impulse to buy. 🤔 No, I can’t be, or it would stop.

So I guess whoever thought of these FB ads had a great idea….they’re working!

By the way, these are real FB ads from my own feed!

Until next time.

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