Cold Weather!

One other thing for today! 😁

So….its October and Fall with the change of seasons. The weather is gorgeous and a tiny bit chilly, right?

Except it isn’t. At least not in my neck of the woods.

Wait….let me re-phrase that. The weather is actually pretty gorgeous right about now. But it’s not completely chilly just yet.

So …why are we already bundling up as though it is?

I have to smile a little and I must beg your pardon. You have to remember, I’m a Florida girl. In FL we dress based on the weather. Which is hot. Most Days. Or warm. So we wore sundresses, shorts, tank tops, sandals…until it got too cold to do so. And even then we just waited until noon when the weather would undoubtedly switch back to warmish, then back out came the sandals and off went the sweater.

But now I live in GA. I’ve drank the Kool-Aid and I’ll be in closed-in shoes and boots pretty soon too (love them actually), but it’s still a little funny.

I’ve come to learn that, in every geographic area except FL it seems, the summer wardrobe is the exception and not the norm. Folks are just wearing their limited summer apparel until they can go back to their regular clothes. In FL, just the opposite. My winter/fall wardrobe was quite limited (yes, they could arguably be considered the same season), and with one coat. You could wear most things all year. You pulled out your coat on cold days, and a sweater or jacket on cool days. Yes, the one coat. ❄️🧥

Ok not completely; I am exaggerating a bit. But not much. 😁

Oh. And theme parks stay open all year. There’s no winter season where Disney or Busch Gardens closes the parks, like Six Flags. It was quite the new experience for me! 🌞

I have to admit, once the weather calls for it, those boots and matching coats, sweaters and jackets, vests, hats etc are EVERYTHING. I’m definitely a fan.

I just still smile as I recognize that we’re supposed to wear them because it’s October, not because it’s cold.

Because it isn’t. Lol (Not yet, not really).

That’s all..,..Happy Fall Y’all!

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