“Watching” a good song

Sometimes you just come across a song in passing, maybe on the radio, on Pandora, or even in a meme or ever so now-popular FB video. It’s just really smooth and catches your ear, or it’s just a catchy tune overall. Doesn’t even have to be your general style of music, but you know at that moment it’s definitely a song you’ve decided to love.

Since it is now 2018 and not 1988, most of us no longer go looking for music videos to bring a song we like to life; we’re generally content with simply listening to and feeling the soul of this newly discovered tune.

But it is 2018, so you do actually have the option of checking out the music video simply by going to You Tube and typing in the title, or a few words you may remember. I sometimes go to You Tube just to hear the song again, and then inadvertently happen across the video.

My dilemma is this: have you ever listened and created a visual in your mind of what you are certain was meant to be portrayed by a song’s writer, and then the music video was something completely different?? When that happens, I sometimes think it would have been better had I not seen the video. 😒

Am I now required to change the way I “see” the song? Do I acknowledge that I was way off and shift my vision to that of the creator? My answer to that would be No, as I am free to hear and feel the song the way my 💓 has chosen to feel it. And I’m sure the artist would be ok with, and even encourage me to enjoy his or her song in whatever way makes me happy. I daresay, however, that it’s difficult to switch my vision back at that point. Its not that I like the song any less, it just doesn’t “look” quite the same in my mind’s eye.

Has this ever happened to you? Perhaps you’ve been wise and not ventured over to check out any videos. (Wise being subjective here). Or perhaps you have, and found that the video properly brought the song to life for you, and brought it all together. For me, I may have officially decided that the “official music video” will not be the first thing I click when I want to go see a song. (I’m sure I will though, I’ll probably be even more curious).

What do you do?

Two recent-ish songs where this happened:

  • Honey I’m Good, Andy Grammer

  • If It’s Meant to Be, Bebe Rexha (f/FL-GA Boys)

Oh, and much less recently,

  • Behind Closed Doors, Johnny Gill

Happy Friday!


Check these out. Maybe listen before watching. (I do not own any rights to these songs)

Honey I’m Good” https://youtu.be/Go7gn6dugu0

If It’s Meant To Be

Not official (WATCH ladies- a Must-see! 😁): https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1138287539661265&id=100004400881936

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