Fan Gear!

Did you know? It seems no amount of display of proper fan gear will help your team win.


This is, unfortunately, about me. Maybe it works for you. I am a Florida Gators fan, and I live in GA Bulldog territory. Today the Gators played the Bulldogs…..mildly rival teams in case you’re not a fan. I wore my Gator stuff all day! I went to the gym this morning, in my Gator tank. I attended a Marching Band Competition out in chilly weather, in my FL Gators sweatshirt. However, the Bulldogs prevailed today. In a heartbreaking FL loss of 36 – 17.

So unfortunately, it did not work for me today. How did your team fare?

Now. With that out of the way……I will remain a Gator fan!! Of course we all remain loyal fans….for better or for worse, through the good and the bad. Right? We want them to win of course, but our team just might not win every time, right??

That’s all. Happy College Football Saturday!!


a pouting Gator

P.s. I will also continue to wear my Gator gear in Bulldog Country!

P.p.s is your fan gear a good luck charm for you? Let me know!

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