Pot Luck!

It’s the Christmas Holiday season! The time of year for gathering together, making merry and breaking bread. It’s the time of year when every group – formal or informal – wants to get together and have a bite….a few bites…. several bites….to eat. Your work group, sports group, sorority and/or fraternity groups, day care groups, band groups, and even your gym group starts making plans for a ” food day”. It’s the American way!

We all love to eat. Well ok, I suppose I can only speak for myself. I love to eat! (Unfortunately, Lol)

The question is this: in your group(s), what kind of food days are you having? Who’s bringing the food? And where is it coming from?

It’s Potluck of course! Isn’t it? We would have it no other way. We want to taste our best friend’s potato salad, or our boss’s corn casserole, and of course the Team Mom’s red velvet cupcakes. Potluck is always fun because you end up with a nice variety, and you get to try things you don’t normally get at home. Personally, I’ve added some tried and true recipes to my bag over the years as a result of a potluck gathering or two. Good stuff.

Actually though, not everyone likes potluck! (I know, right?!). But I’ve known folks who refuse to eat at pot lucks because they “don’t trust everybody’s cooking”. They declare…”Susie has too many cats” or “Mary never washes her hands”. I’ve heard lots of reasons, some very rational. But somehow I’ve been immune – never bothered by this line of thinking. I usually just wait for our planned food day to arrive, and look forward to seeing what my circle of peeps has in their bag for the rest of us to try.

Until now. Sigh.

I was recently having a conversation with someone…nothing to do with food or potluck…and something they said just made me stop and think. The conversation was a random story they shared about some happening in their home. But I guess I read between the lines, or let my imagination get the best of me, because I remember randomly thinking, “wow, I hope they don’t cook anything and bring it to a potluck!”

And then it began.

I have, to my chagrin, begun to think a bit differently about these special food days. I now pay attention to the source, surroundings, odd odors, random comments etc. I find myself wondering before dipping into a wonderfully, carefully prepared potato and cheese casserole, who brought it in. Or I may think hmm, this one looks safe, it looks store-bought! Sigh… Hopefully someday this heightened awareness will simply go away…I definitely preferred it the old way!

Which person are you?? Do you get all excited about an upcoming potluck event? Or do you secretly hope the event’s food will be catered in? If you’re the one doing the planning, do you ask that everyone pitch in for purchased food, or do you encourage all participants to offer up their favorite homemade dish?

We must, however, remind ourselves not to be too judgemental. Why not, you ask? Well, what is somewhat thought-provoking about this whole thing is that it’s not just you (if you’re that person); there are already MANY folks out there who don’t like potluck meals, and this can be a two-way street! Yep. And since I too enjoy bringing in a homemade specialty from time to time, I must keep in mind that someone is likely eyeing MY carefully prepared dish as well…. I daresay someone out there doesn’t want my food either!!

So as you’re out there enjoying Christmastime with friends, coworkers, church-folk, family and all others, be sure to take a few moments to simply enjoy the time together; enjoy that others have brought a little of themselves along with their dish! Don’t think too deeply about the food….well, of course you can’t ignore what your brain is telling you. But maybe just don’t let on……put on a smile, tell them how full you are from breakfast, and enjoy!

Just a little food for thought…pun intended. 😁

Here’s wishing you are having a wonderful Holiday season in whatever way you choose to honor it. I celebrate Christmas and the birth of Christ, and I truly enjoy this season (minus a bit of the commercialization). I enjoy the lights and the decorations; I like having a tree and putting gifts under it if I’m able. And the occasional potluck! How do you celebrate?

A very Merry Christmas and Seasons Greetings to you and yours! 💜🎄⛄

(I do not own rights to these photos)

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