A New Year’s Smile!

Happy New Year, All! Here’s hoping you feel good moving into the new year…you’ve maybe set some goals, you have a plan to help you meet those goals, you feel refreshed and you are quite ready to take on the world!

It’s 2019, a whole new year! I for one am truly and undeniably thankful that I have the opportunity to continue, to go on, to make new goals and seek to attain them. Life isn’t perfect, but I am alive and kicking, reasonably healthy, with most of my faculties in place. Not everyone made it this far. Thankful for sure! πŸ™πŸ½

But I wasn’t feeling very positive this morning at the start of this new day….new year. For some reason it was the “Life’s not perfect” part that was heavy on my mind. I was thankful definitely, just not feeling positive in the way I probably should have been.

Does anyone else ever feel that way? Hopefully, I’m not the only one that isn’t always able to feel the positivity, although it is clearly in the air. But it is what it is, right? It happens.

I got out though, got some miles in, enjoying the fresh outside air, and made a grocery store run.

Then it happened….A total praise report. It was, apparently, just what I needed for this day, because as I write I feel much better!

At my grocery store run, I didn’t quite find what I went for, but I was in the Kroger line after getting some essentials. (Water, paper towels, toilet paper etc.) There was a Gentleman in front of me and he spoke: How are you? I smiled brightly, good thanks, how are you, Happy New Year! Him: Thank you….he paused a bit…then asked, did you have a good Christmas and New Year? Me: Yes thank you I did, and you? Good, he says. I figured we were done. He paid for his single bag of sugar, swiping his Kroger card. And then he tells the cashier….I want to pay for all of her stuff too. Happy New Year!

What????? What does one say to that?? Omgeee. I can’t act weird and suspicious and turn down THAT blessing! I was pretty shocked and speechless and couldn’t think of anything good to say…just Wow, Thank You!!! I didn’t really say much else, just thanked him again (a couple of times) and assured him I would be sure to some day pay it forward, which was, it seemed, his only request. Afterwards, he waved and went on his merry way. I saw him again in the parking lot as he was driving away and he simply waved.

So that was the highlight of my day! So very unexpected, and it reminded me of the good in the world and needless to say it brought a smile. Which was what I needed.

Our God is good!! And knows what is needed. Life still isn’t perfect of course, but there are still reasons to smile. 😊

Here’s wishing you a very Happy New Year! May you accomplish all you wish to, or … just continue living your best life if you’re not looking to do anything new! ☺️ Either way, here’s also wishing you too have reasons to smile.

Just my side view!

-theresa m

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