Mama Said

“Mama said there’d be days like this.”

Did she though? I’m pretty sure my mom never said that. 😁 My mother has said lots of things but I really don’t think that’s one of them.

Then again, is this meant in a literal or a figurative sense? Because it’s certainly something a mom would say, but I’m just stopping for a moment to wonder briefly how many folks’ moms have actually said those words to them…. did yours?

Now my mom has said some memorable things….

She told me when I was a young teenager, “you really don’t have to say everything you’re thinking.” It took me a few years to learn and understand it, but learn it I did. As a result I now think and choose what I say….yes, even the inappropriate or questionable stuff. (I know, scary!).

Another thing she told me once was, “be careful what you say [out loud], God might think it’s a prayer”. Yup, she said that. Now THAT’S a scary thought! But it stuck with me.

Interestingly enough, when I mention these to my mom, she seems to not remember saying these things to me at all. Yes, her memory is fully intact, she just doesn’t remember this. 😁

Oh, one last thing, she told me once when we were running late to get someplace, ‘don’t always get too upset when you run late, you never know what was up ahead of you that you were meant to avoid.’ So now, when I’m running behind and I pass some mishap on the road, I wonder to myself how long ago it happened, and I say “thank you Lord for letting me miss it.”

(Its important to note by the way, she wasn’t referring to when you should be at work and you’re taking your sweet time getting there. In that case the goal is to AVOID losing your job!) 😲

But back to my original point – my mom had quite a few memorable points to make, all if which I share with my own kids, along with quite a few Mom-isms of my own. But I just don’t think she (nor a large majority of other moms) said those famous words we so freely attribute to them.

What are the memorable, lasting statements your mom has made to you? Was that one of them? 🤔 I wonder.

That’s all for now….just my humble, unimportant side view!!

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