Just “Google” It!

I don't know about anyone else, but Google has become my bestest friend and I use it for everything. What I'm wondering is, how is it that every single thing I could possibly think of to ask it has already been thought of by someone else?? Who comes up with these answers? Is there a … Continue reading Just “Google” It!

I’m just wondering

I have a very random question…..why do folks sit in a meeting and repeatedly remove and replace the top to their water/soda/juice bottle? I know, it sounds quite petty, and I’m certain it is. But it’s a real question. I don’t often have a drink that requires the top to come on and off, but … Continue reading I’m just wondering

An outstanding customer experience!

Today I called a well-known windshield replacement company who  replaced my glass yesterday ....seemingly with the incorrect glass. I was actually hoping for factory glass replacement, which I couldn't have. It also took several calls to get the correct glass order completed. But that's not the issue here. Safelite (oops!) cheerfully and neatly installed a … Continue reading An outstanding customer experience!

Just a thought

Music, simply stated, is just SO good for the soul. It may not work for everyone, but for me it's such a nice way to bring peace to the mind and heart when the world feels chaotic around you. Happy Monday! May your day begin with your own best version of tranquility. ☺️