How Much is Too Much?

This one is super long, so I apologize in advance. I also apologize in advance for taking such a big detour before getting to my point. But here goes..... I love watching school marching bands and enjoy what some fondly call the "Friday night lights"! As it happens, I have a son who marches in … Continue reading How Much is Too Much?


Taking a moment to remember. I remember the day - as do most of us. I remember where I was that early Tuesday morning when I heard the news, and the majority of the remaining activities of my day as the day unfolded. I spent the day at work, with co-workers who likely would share … Continue reading Remembering

An outstanding customer experience!

Today I called a well-known windshield replacement company who  replaced my glass yesterday ....seemingly with the incorrect glass. I was actually hoping for factory glass replacement, which I couldn't have. It also took several calls to get the correct glass order completed. But that's not the issue here. Safelite (oops!) cheerfully and neatly installed a … Continue reading An outstanding customer experience!